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Name:»» ʜᴇɴʀʏ »» ᴀᴅᴀᴍ
Birthdate:Jan 25
Henry ( 1919 - 1942 )
A young school master, hurriedly married at an early age to (redundantly) alleviate his father's worries that maybe Henry suffered somewhat unnatural inclinations away from the fairer sex. Henry tried his best to settle down for a boring life of (entirely forced and secretly miserable) marital bliss whilst teaching sciences in a local boy's prep school. But when a secret tryst with the school's charming head boy turned dramatically not-so-secret, Henry fled to enlist in the British Army as a medic to escape the shame and lose himself in the mayhem of World War II Europe. Sadly, the rumours and scandal never truly died - not even in the actual death of the head boy in the skies above Dover. Miserable, lonely, and struggling to deal with his guilt, Henry Payne shot himself - but like his scandal, he never truly died...
Adam ( 1989 - 2012 )
A slightly neurotic young man, one half of a perfectly mirrored pair of twins who has more than his fair share of the highly-strung genes of their prima donna mother. Prone to moodswings, capable of being wildly enthusiastic and then struck by debilitating apathy, Adam has never been short of words, ideas and opinions but has never had the stamina to catch hold of one of them long enough to ever see them through or put them to good use. A chronic grasshopper-brain, Adam has spent his young life bouncing from one job to the next, never truly making a career out of anything or setting his eyes on any single future... until he meets his fiance Mason. It's a cruel irony that a hit-and-run collision in the dead of night robs Adam Leveson of his future only when he finally settles on one...
when Henry died in 1942 and Adam died in 2012 only one of them truly remained dead. Whether due to unfinished business or simply a cruel joke inflicted on one who's only desire was to escape from this world, Henry Payne found his efforts at self-sacrifice entirely fruitless. Where one vacated one body, so another entered; seventy years removed from his own timeline, Henry awoke in the body of the late departed Adam Leveson and forcefully injected in to the lives of the people Adam loved best.
notes : when tagging outside of PSLs with Adam he is taken from a pre-death story point unless otherwise arranged! Tagging with Henry in this account is always post-survival.
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